Review: clueQuest – PRINT+CUT+ESCAPE! Episode 3

Anyone who reads my reviews knows I adore ClueQuest. They are my highest ranked escape room in London. 

Now out of lockdown, it took a bit longer to rally the troops and get them switched on for another Print + Cut + Escape challenge.

We wanted to love episode 3, but we found ourselves scratching our heads more than we were excitedly cracking codes and deciphering clues.

We wonder if episode 3 – Humanity 2.0 needed a bit more beta testing before being packaged up?

In the final episode of this online escape room trilogy, the evil Professor Blacksheep has hid himself away in the North Pole to proceed with his world domination/extermination efforts. Our mission: shut down his weapon of mass destruction before it is too late.

There is some cool stuff in this episode – we enjoyed some of the puzzles within puzzles, and the circumnavigation graphic.

But overwhelmingly we found ourselves with answers we were sure were right, but came back with negative – needing to get the ‘final clue/solution/tell me the answer’ to realise there was a step before the step we’d taken… but no guide of such a step.

Overall, we’d say sometimes there was too much information on the page and it was overwhelming, and other times there wasn’t the right kind of crucial information like ‘do this bit first’.

By taking out some non-essential information and putting in some helpful guidance, we’d have had a smoother game.

We also think the story line was less exciting this time round, and the creativity was lacking. We hate to be negative because we adore ClueQuest! It certainly hasn’t taken away my love for them – I’d be willing to dip my toes back when they have a new offering because they are an excellent team of escape room makers, and their online offering during lockdown was heaven sent.

BUT, this was our experience and maybe we were tired and overwhelmed. Definitely worth finishing off the trilogy if you haven’t yet. AND if you haven’t visited them in King’s Cross, they are open again – go and try out their live escape rooms!

Print+Cut+Escape! is £12 for a print at home package, or £25 for a posted package for those without a printer. We played with a team of 3 in the same room, which was plenty.


Overall: 6/10
Fun: 6/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Room design: n/a
Game design: 6/10
Pace: 5/10
Creativity of puzzles: 7/10
Story integration: 7/10
Foyer: n/a
Difficulty level: moderate

For more information or to book, visit:

London Escape Room Guide team members: Maryann, Olivia, Joss.

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