Review: clueQuest – PRINT+CUT+ESCAPE! Episode 2

ClueQuest is back with episode 2 of PRINT+CUT+ESCAPE!…Alpha Brain System!

This time we have awesome video content to transition between chapters and add drama and a more vivid storyline.

This team of puzzle makers is seriously impressive, and they keep reminding me why they are my favourite escape room company in London.

Within a few short weeks they got their first online escape room experience available and integrated, and with their second episode, they continue to keep up the creativity and add more exciting elements.

This time we had the puzzle posted to us and I was impressed with the quality of the package – lush thick paper and lovely folder finishes to add flair and colour to the experience.

Previously in episode 1 we freed Agent Crimson from her prison cell in the CUBE, and now, in episode 2 our task is to work alongside Agent Crimson to penetrate Professor Blacksheep’s headquarters and stop his development of a dangerous weapon capable of hijacking human brainpower!

Pace in this puzzle is excellent – there are little wins and big wins, and the mental dexterity alongside old school enigma fun is well balanced.

What is particularly impressive is the integration with the online code cracking system where you input solutions and ask for hints. This time we got stuck on a puzzle and needed a hint to progress and found the process of getting the hint without being fed the solution was simple and effective.

Final mention is about the affordability and genius of the online print and play experience. Not only is it accessible – you need an internet connection and a printer anywhere in the world and you can play this – but it’s an affordable purchase that can give a family or group of friends a lovely afternoon of enjoyment during lockdown when just about everyone is sick of trivia but still wants fun ways to interact with each other.

Print+Cut+Escape! is £12 for a print at home package, or £25 for a posted package for those without a printer. This time I played with a team of 2, which also worked really well. I’d suggest 2-4 is optimal team size.


Overall: 9/10
Fun: 9/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Room design: n/a
Game design: 9/10
Pace: 9/10
Creativity of puzzles: 9/10
Story integration: 9/10
Foyer: n/a
Difficulty level: moderate

For more information or to book, visit:

London Escape Room Guide team members: Maryann, Hamish

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