Review: Clue Quest – Print+Cut+Escape!

Do you have those escape room cravings in lockdown? Need some mental stimulation and a quality, fun group activity in your household bubble?

Clue Quest have swooped to the rescue with a print and play escape puzzle.

In series 1 of Print+Cut+Escape! Agent Lisa Hammersmith has gone missing and we can all guess who is at the bottom of this foul play – Professor BlackSheep. Our mission was to decode Agent Hammersmith’s messages and free her before the world looses one of its great scientists.

If you read my reviews you know I’m a big fan of Clue Quest. In fact, they still have the #1 spot for my favourite escape room experience in London. Print+Cut+Escape! does not let down expectations.

We played with a team of 4 across two households via Messenger. I shared my screen with the other household on Messenger video, posted them a copy of the puzzle papers, and we were off on our mission.

Our team had a delightful time. The fun of cutting things out reminded us of crafternoon of our childhoods, and added a playful charm. The puzzles themselves were varied and clever, and integrated seamlessly with the paper and online content. I particularly liked how the focus was on the paper content, and the online screen was only used for hints if needed and for putting in answers to progress to the next chapter.

We felt the game had a good moderate difficulty. We didn’t need to use any hints, but we were healthily challenged to think outside the box. The only criticism I can pass on is that we wish there was a pause button for cutting. At one point we needed a toilet break and I mistakenly pressed the reset button, which meant we had to enter all the answers from the start. Not a total disaster as we had a paper trail (!) but, a pause button would be handy. Nonetheless, we definitely took longer than one hour, and were glad to not be kicked out at the buzzer.

Print+Cut+Escape! is fantastic. It was a joy to play and is affordable. I highly, highly recommend, and I commend the Clue Quest team for adapting to the devastating lockdown measures so quickly.

Print+Cut+Escape! is £12 for a print at home package, or £25 for a posted package for those without a printer. We had a team of 4 which worked well, but would just as easily suit 2 or 3 players.


Overall: 9/10
Fun: 9/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Room design: n/a
Game design: 9/10
Pace: 9/10
Creativity of puzzles: 9/10
Story integration: 9/10
Foyer: n/a
Difficulty level: moderate

For more information or to book, visit:

London Escape Room Guide team members: Maryann, Maurice, Olivia, Jacob.

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