Review: Escape Plan – The Adventure Begins

There’s very little I enjoy more than a good old-fashioned, logical escape room with great puzzles. The Adventure Begins room by Escape Plan in Shoreditch is exactly this. Straight-forward fun puzzles that you zip through with lots of little victories for the whole team along the way. I wish it never ended…only it did in 45 minutes because we zipped so fast!

Set in a POW camp with the instruction to escape before soldiers come to execute you, there’s a sense of urgency at the get-go – especially when Mr game master is banging on your door scaring the crap out of you. The room is clean and clear, and puzzles are a good mix of logical and physical. This isn’t your most complex set design or high-tech advanced puzzles but it didn’t bother our team, we had real fun escaping. Some of the set design pieces are beautifully made and historic, which make the room well loved and thought-through. Our team of four often split up to divide and conquer and at times dipped in and out for advice or an alternative way to see a puzzle which sustained a great team energy and pace.

There are few faults to this room, only I wish it had more puzzles that could sustain us longer. A few more hurdles as the stakes escalated would have given us even more enjoyment, and a greater sense of achievement. Albeit we did have an advanced escape room team but the best escape room experiences have you buckling down until the final moments.

I commend the game designers of The Adventure Begins (although the name can certainly be workshopped) and recommend this game for both enthusiasts and first timers. It’s a great introductory escape room that gives a good sense of tradition and old-school escape room fun.

We’re definitely keen to see how Escape Plan expand their business with new rooms – perhaps they could attempt a more difficult room with some crafty set and puzzle design ideas?

The Adventure Begins costs £89 off peak / £120 peak for a team of 2-6 (with discounts for 2 player teams). We had a team of 4 which worked well as we often paired up in groups of 2 to crack codes, but for advanced players we’d recommend a team of 2 to make it more challenging.


Overall: 8/10
Fun: 9/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Room design: 7.5/10
Game design: 8/10
Pace: 8/10
Creativity of puzzles: 7/10
Story integration: 8/10
Foyer: 8/10
Difficulty level: beginner/intermediate

For more information or to book, visit: Escape Plan have one escape room and a group puzzle game for 8-16 players in Shoreditch at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, E16LA, which is a 2 minute walk from Shoreditch High Street overground station. They also have an escape room in Kennington.

London Escape Room Guide team members: Maryann, Max, Natalie G, Nick.

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