Review: Omescape – Huxley VR

Our first virtual reality escape room experience, we couldn’t help squeals of “so cool!” “omg!” and lots of gleeful laughs because Huxley at Omescape is fabulous super-tech fun.

A perfect game for families and beginner escape room lovers, the thrill of Huxley is sustained from the very beginning when putting on VR equipment throughout the 45 minute gameplay as we undertake challenges in a fully immersive imaginary environment.

Top marks to the makers of Huxley for designing a feast for the eyes and senses. In brilliant vivid colour we teleport to the year 3007 where – as the last human survivors – we must re-assemble the brilliant AI robot Huxley before our oxygen tanks run out.

Although we found the game very easy to complete and escaped within 38 minutes, Huxley is highly enjoyable and cleverly designed for teamwork satisfaction. We were a group of 4 and had to solve some puzzles all together and some working in twos, which meant we always had something to do and all players were integral to escaping so we felt a united sense of achievement. The variety of puzzles kept us engaged with good pace and the gameplay was seamless.

As first-timers of a virtual reality experience we were beyond thrilled with the quality and would thoroughly recommend Huxley to anyone – new and experienced alike – but as experienced escape room players we did not feel very challenged with the puzzles themselves. Therefore, less experienced players who need an easy difficulty level and families or groups with younger children would be the optimal audience.

The foyer is spacious and rooms clean, but could benefit from a rack to hang coats and lockers to keep valuables safe.

Overall, this escape room experience is the next level of awesome. If you’ve never experienced VR then RUN. Book in your Huxley game because I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. We were so impressed with Omescape as an escape room company we’d love to be challenged by their 5/5 level difficulty room next to see the full range and breadth of their design expertise.

Huxley is currently leading the pack as the best escape room in London!

Huxley costs £119 for a team of 4 people and the price adjusts for the number of players (we enjoyed the teamwork of 4 players but you could easily complete the game with 2).


Overall: 8.5/10
Fun: 9/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Room design: 9/10
Game design: 9/10
Pace: 8/10
Creativity of puzzles: 7/10
Story integration: 7/10
Foyer: 7.5/10
Difficulty level: beginner

For more information or to book, visit: or call +44 207 278 5200. Omescape London have two VR games (one sitting and Huxley with free movement) and 4 traditional escape rooms ranging in difficulty located across two venues – Kings Cross and Aldgate East. Huxley is located at 75 Greenfield Rd, London, E1 1EJ which is an 8 minute walk from Aldgate East station.

London Escape Room Guide team members: Maryann, Molly, Ariel, Jon.

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