Review: Hint Hunt – Submarine Deep Down Mission

Submerged in the Submarine Room for a DeepDown mission, our objective is clear: re-start the engine within 60 minutes or we’ll sink to our deaths. Oxygen levels are rapidly deceasing, the lights are flickering and if I’m not entirely mistaken, the whole place is gently rocking. The later part is a figment of my imagination but a big hats off to Hint Hunt in London’s Euston for designing an escape room that has a life-like feel.

With high-quality sets, sound and lighting design, Submarine Room certainly impresses and makes for a luxurious escape room experience. It’s clear money and thought has been put into this room’s design, and it has been unkept exceedingly well.

The DeepDown mission itself is enjoyable and variable, with a combination of common sense hide-and-seek along with more technological gadgets and mind games. This room’s puzzles are not the most creative but the communication system for hints is effective and clear, which makes for a smooth and hassle-free escape.

On the day our controller did a good job guiding us through, albeit too heavy handed on the hints (and we were missing a battery for our torch which made one particular task difficult), but despite this I’d happily recommend the Submarine Room for its quality.

My biggest criticism is not of the room itself but the Hint Hunt waiting area. Crammed in with other teams like a peak hour tube ride with nowhere to place our belongings, my first impression was that this would be a low-quality budget escape room experience. The moment we got into the room our expectations dramatically rose, but, if one were to judge the room by its reception, many would get the wrong impression. With a more spacious and nicer reception room, Hint Hunt would have an outside to match the great gem of its inside.

Hint Hunt have a thoughtful pricing system adjusted to group size rather than a set fee regardless of the number of players. Prices start from £64.80 for two players (£32.40 each). We had 4 players which costs £110.40 (£27.60 each). Four people worked well, but you could easily manage with three.


Overall: 7.5/10
Fun: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Room design: 8/10
Game design: 8/10
Pace: 8/10
Creativity of puzzles: 7.5/10
Story integration: 8/10
Foyer: 3/10
Difficulty level: intermediate

For more information or to book, visit: or call +442036893188. Hint Hunt is located 72-76 Eversholt Street, NW11BY London, UK. They’re a 3 minute walk from Euston Station.

London Escape Room Guide team members: Maryann, Natalie, Isabelle, Karen.

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