About Me


Maryann Wright loves escape rooms for their ability to entertain, unite people together, and challenge the mind. She is a journalist by trade with over 10 years experience in print, television, radio and online journalism around the world including Australia, South Korea and the UK. She has worked in a variety of news environments from exclusive red carpet reporting to breakfast television to weekend sports radio to online personality features and the breaking news desk.

Maryann currently lives in London doing PR for high-profile celebrity clients. Learn more about her at www.maryannwright.com.au.


Maryann and her hand-picked team is on the search for London’s best escape rooms. From high-tech to VR to ultra-immersive to good old-fashioned fun, they’re travelling around the big city playing escape room after escape room to discover the city’s greatest gems. They judge the rooms on creativity, design, atmosphere, pace, story integration and fun-factor. They’re also alert to the basic stuff like accessibility, amenities and friendly staff. Whether this is your first escape room or you’re a seasoned professional, London Escape Room Guide is a resource that will help you pick your next prison.

Get in touch if you think Maryann has missed the an escape room and she’ll come review it: ultimatescaperoomguide@gmail.com.

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